5 Best Stories on Real Money: Covid, Sentiment, Nvidia

If October keeps going the way it started, one thing is sure: Investors will get little sleep and lots of drama. 

Just in the first week, the president and the first lady — and a growing number of people around the couple — have tested positive for Covid-19. The election is fast approaching and more (likely stomach-turning) debates are on schedule. Then there’s the long-awaited stimulus bill that Donald Trump with one tweet just wiped off the table until after Nov. 3. 

Oh, and don’t forget about what would usually make the headlines around this time of year: Earnings season.  

Helping guide us through the turbulent news of the day and the market are Real Money and Real Money Pro experts Jim Cramer, Jim Collins, Paul Price, Stephen “Sarge” Guilfoyle, and Helene Meisler.  

Jim Cramer: Commander-in-Chief’s Covid Message Is Wrong

Just days following President Donald Trump’s diagnosis with Covid-19, he’s out of the hospital and taking off his mask in public. Trump, said Cramer, is going to blunt our community mask initiative  — because who needs masks if coronavirus isn’t a big deal as the U.S. president is implying? 

Here’s why sending that signal matters and why there’s little anyone can do to stop it.

Jim Collins: It’s Treatment Vs. Vaccine 

As the markets digest news of Trump’s positive test for Covid-19, it brings up a question, writes Collins: Why are the global stock markets so focused on finding a vaccine for coronavirus infection instead of a treatment? Stocks of companies that have Covid-19 vaccine candidates have boomed — Moderna  (MRNA) – Get Report, for example, is now worth $29 billion despite having almost zero revenues. Yet, those trying to develop therapies haven’t seen such big action.

Here’s how to look at companies eyeing vaccines vs. therapies from an investor’s point of view.

Guilfoyle: Nvidia Climbs the Mountain

Guilfoyle owns Nvidia  (NVDA) – Get Report stock and will continue to hold it, he said, as the name was obscured in the smoke of the political news of the week. Through the distractions, however, he’s keeping his eyes on the tech star, and has charted it out.

Here’s Guilfoyle’s take on NVDA.

Meisler: Set Your Sights on Sentiment

Just around 10 days ago, we heard calls for the S&P 500 to come down to 2850, notes Meisler, who senses that folks never actually got that bearish. So what are the technical indicators saying now?

Here’s why you should closely watch sentiment amid this bumpy time in the market.

Price: What Were Those Analysts Smoking?

Just as we saw with pot stocks, if you play shares strictly because they’re going up, you’re likely to get burnt, writes Price, as he holds a match to the arguments for investing in popular names like Carvana (CVNA) – Get Report, Zillow (ZG) – Get Report, Peloton,  (PTON) – Get Report and Beyond Meat (BYND) – Get Report.

See how Price takes apart today’s momentum stars and compares them to the once-raging cannabis names that have since gone up in smoke.

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