Amber Heard stole sexual abuse story, said her former personal assistant

Amber Heard’s personal assistant was Kate James, and she just brought to light that the story about being a “Sexual violence survivor” was taken from her own experiences as a survivor herself.

Kate James was Amber Heard’s personal assistant during some of the time that is being crossed examined, from 2012 to 2015, and her testimony may change the outcome of the decision.

According to the asistant, Depp did not influence the testimony

Sasha Wass who is from Heard’s defense team asked James if Depp had made any influence in the decision of giving the “vicious” evidence against her client, to which she was very clear, “Absolutely not.”

She continued saying “I’m here for my own reasons … I’m a sexual violence survivor and that’s very, very serious to take that stance if you are not one and I am one. That’s the reason I’m here, because I take offense.”

David Sherborne is Depp’s attorney and he had some questions as well

“Can you explain why you take exception [to Ms. Heard’s allegations against Depp]?”

James answered, “Because Ms. Heard referred to a conversation we had about me being violently raped at machete point in Brazil and she used it as her own story.”

“She referred directly to a violent rape that occurred to me 26 years ago and she twisted it into her own story and she used it for her own use.”

Apparently drunk abusive texts were a common situation

James also mentioned that Heard would regularly send “drunk text messages between the hours of two and four in the morning on a regular basis … on an almost daily basis.” James categorized the messages as being “abusive.”

“We have very, very few texts between you and Ms. Heard … only the ones that Ms. Heard has provided to the defendants,” Sherborne questioned.

Heard allegedly deleted the violent messages

James replied with a straight answer: “I was using a phone that was logged into her [Heard’s] iCloud account.”

She continued, “When she terminated my employment, she deleted all of the texts from the cloud – only texts that were abusive. She saved the ones that weren’t.”

In court, Amber Heard recounts alleged strangulation by Johnny Depp

The Depp vs Heard trial is reaching its final lap and new things are coming to light so the judge can deliberate who is right and who is wrong.