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New business owners in Guernsey have explained how the coronavirus pandemic pushed them to launch their ideas.

Natalie Robins was struggling to find a job before she decided to set up Les Frens bakery from her home in St Martin.

She offers baked goods on a trolley from her driveway after managing to order all of her equipment online.

“One morning I had five people queuing in the drive at quarter to eight, and I don’t actually put everything out until eight,” she said.

“I think my record was 55 minutes for sausage rolls and an hour and 10 minutes for 98 cupcakes and about 70 sausage rolls.”

She added: “I’m absolutely loving it, I can work from home, I get a real buzz from putting the items on the trolley and people chatting in the driveway. It’s a real community spirit here in St Martin’s.”

Chloe Gallie was also job-seeking prior to lockdown, before the pandemic put an end to her efforts while she looked after her children at home.

Spending time with her kids prompted her to set up her business, DOH by Chlo, which makes children’s modelling doh.

“I started to see lots of DOH recipes floating around, and thought probably not everybody’s going to have time, inclination and ingredients to be doing that. Why don’t I start putting together some little kits together to see if that could entertain people?”

Chloe started by selling to her friends first, and from there her business began to attract more attention.

“I’m definitely one of those people who always has an idea and it’s always too risky but it was kind of in that circumstance, what’s the worst that can actually happen?

“Everything’s already changed, so the risk didn’t feel so great,” she said.

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