‘Buy a tiger’ and ‘follow David Hasselfhoff on tour’: reasons people have borrowed money

More than 5,000 United States loan brokers and personal bankers were asked to reveal the strangest reasons they have seen on applications for personal loans.

Financial experts Loanry.com has compiled those answers and some of them are odd.

Here are some of the reasons people want to borrow money:

1. To buy a tiger.

2. To build a statue of a loved one.

3. To follow David Hasselhoff on tour around Europe.

4. To keep an affair secret.

5. To hire an undisclosed celebrity to be present at the birth of their child.

6. To build a working replica of a trebuchet (type of catapult).

7. To go missing for a while.

8. To hire an acting troupe to recreate the “Game of Thrones” Red Wedding at their own.

9. To fund a trip to every Applebee’s restaurant in the United States.

10. To have plastic surgery to look like Kris Jenner.

11. To get a beard transplant.

12. To get a waterslide installed in their home.

Thimbu Rosamond Gifford Zoo Syracuse

Thimbu, a new Amur tiger, has arrived at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo and has checked out his new enclosure. Bank brokers report that one of the reasons people have asked to borrow money is “to buy a tiger.”

Of course, the goal is to get people to carefully consider reasons they are borrowing money. Loanry.com cited a 2019 study by TransUnion that revealed more than 2 million people have personal loan debt and that number is more than double what it was in 2012.

“We can’t be certain which, if any, of these applications for loans were successful – however, we encourage everyone to be; cautious when taking on debt, use loans responsibly, and to ensure they pursue every avenue available to them to make the right choice,” said Loanry.com founder Ethan Taub.


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