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Welcome to Certified Professional Trainers Network (CPTN) Inc. The CPTN integrates current research and practical applications for education, communication, professional development and marketing opportunities for Personal Trainers to maintain a leading edge on professional training developments.

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Our current featured Trainers:

  • Mark Bogacki, CPTN-CPT
  • Alison Brown, CPTN-CPT
  • Ryan Fahey, CPTN-CPT
  • Barby Ginsberg, CPTN-CPT
  • Darren Grandel, CPTN-CPT
  • Seon Holmes, CPTN-CPT
  • Joshua Kahn, CPTN-CPT
  • Anne Klausner, CPTN-CPT
  • Donna Pounder, CPTN-CPT
  • Susan Stuart, CPTN-CPT

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