Enhancing Your Finances Through the Fallen Angels

Here we have a very curious topic.

How on earth can the fallen angels help us get more money, or get more financial wisdom, or increase our financial IQ…

It just seems a little odd, doesn’t it?

Not really.

The fallen angels are just the other side of the regular 72 angels, and in that regard they simply have other powers.

They can be used for personal evolution, emotional healing, developing your skills; pretty much anything you can ask for in a spirit, these angels can help you with.

Improving your money situation can happen in a number of different ways, though.

Here are some curious financial powers…

Hahaiah – Power to understand your finances perfectly. You gain a much deeper understanding of your budget, how to make your spending more efficient, and to cut out needless spending.

Keliel – Reveals how we can better manage our finances. We are shown where there is inefficient budgeting and the way to resolve that.

Chahuiah – Causes great understanding of past and present money issues so we never make the same mistakes again.

Aniel – Develops higher financial IQ so that you are much wiser with your money, getting more of it, and keeping more of it rather than spending it on foolish things.

If you think about these powers, it’s a bit different than how most people think about angels and money.

Most often people think of windfalls, getting cash, getting a promotion etc.

You don’t really consider raising your financial wisdom, having a better budget, or understanding your finances better.

This is partially how the fallen angels do things differently. The regular 72 have similar powers, but the fallen have much more direct and assertive powers.

If you want things to change quickly, they will help you to do that.

These angels aren’t messing around and they are here for large sweeping change that lasts for years and years. As long as you put in the work, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a completely different and better financial life in just the next few years.

What if you want guidance on making your current work, career, and/ or business flourish and do better?

I have a solution for that too…

Lehachiah – Gives you the insight and inspiration you need to create better finances, make better deals (at work or in business), gain better position (promotion at works / career), and generally do a lot better with your finances. This is the first step toward a complete life over haul for your finances.

Mihel – Gives you insight on how to get a promotion at work, make more sales in business, and become a better employee in general. Leads to better work life, business life and generally better financial situation.

Now you technically have every tool you could ever want that enables you to take your finances to the next level.

Are these angels rough to work with?

Not really, but they can be rough if you resist change.

Think of this like paying a mentor to show you how to become better, then getting upset when they ask you why you’re not doing the work they told you to do.

These angels can give deep insight, but if they give you the nudge to do something, you better do it.

Are there any negative consequences to working with fallen angels and having them guide you?

Nope. As long as you follow their simple guidance, it’s pretty freakin simple.

It’s pretty much the same as working with a regular angel, it’s just that these angels don’t take kindly to people taking their advice and not using it.

It’s not that they’ll punish you or anything, but they’re not likely to work with you if they detect that you aren’t going to put in your share of the work.

We already sort of know that magick is about the spirits guiding us, but also mainly about us doing our part to make things happen.

Like using a job ritual to get accepted into a new ideal job.

You won’t get anywhere if you don’t put in the work to apply to a bunch of places.

The same is true for the fallen angels.

So it’s not a big deal to work with them, but it is a big deal in general if you want to change your financial life for the better.