Great Lessons About Money

Money is very important in life. Therefore, there is a need to be properly educated on the issue of finances in order to handle them in a better way. Let us briefly look at the following three lessons:

1) Money is an Idea

The ordinary pursues money in life. But the great ones pursue great ideas. Good ideas normally solve people’s challenges or problems in life. Once there is a great idea that is changed into reality, it automatically brings money. Think of great Edison and the light bulb? Today the electric industry is just great. It is hard to live without it. Think of Henry Ford and the invention of the car? It is just mind-blowing. We can’t finish the list. You, therefore, need to generate ideas that will benefit mankind. Once you have done that, you will have the money you require in your life. There will be mutual benefit. People will benefit from your idea that has been turned into a solution for their problems. On the other hand, you will get the money you need.

Money is an idea.

2) Money does not make you rich

There are people who have money. Some earn big money but they are not rich. What does that tell you? Money does not make you rich. But what makes you rich? It is what you do with it. It is how you use money that makes you rich. If you follow those who are rich, you find that they use their money to buy assets. Then those assets work for them to build their wealth. But others, they use the money to buy liabilities. Some have been destroyed by failure to properly handle money.

How do you use your money?

3) Deal with two Money problems

Basically, there are two kinds of money problems. Those are; lack of money i.e. too little and too much money. You, therefore, need to learn how to deal with either of these two problems. Which of the two problems do you have? How are you dealing with it?

You have now learned three lessons about money. I pray that you may put these lessons into practice. Each lesson is very important. You need to deal with challenges you have that are associated with any of them. God wants you to enjoy life. Great things in life do not just come. You need to take action. Take responsibility for your life including finances. Get yourself a Life Coach.