Greyhound Handicapping Systems – It’s About the Money

What’s the first thing you have to figure out if you want to win at the dog track? Well, duh, you’re probably thinking. What else? You have to figure out what to bet on, right? Well, yes… And no. It’s not just what you bet on, it’s whether you make that the second step of your winning system.

Of course, you’re not going to cash any tickets if you pick losers. But you’re not going to make money at the track if you spend money you don’t have either. If you dip into your savings and lose them or just throw money down on the counter for bets without knowing if you can comfortably spend that money, you’re going to lose, big time, let me tell you.

Nope, the first step to making money at the greyhound track is knowing how much money you can afford to risk. Once you do that, you have to decide what proportion of that money you want to risk on which dogs and in which races. It might sound simple, but most bettors never grasp this truth.

Most of the people at the dog track don’t realize that money management is even more important than being able to pick contenders. If you don’t have a handle on your money, you won’t pay attention to how much you’re winning or losing.

People who don’t closely monitor their bankroll are very likely to overestimate their winnings and underestimate their losses. This means that they won’t realize just how bad they are at handicapping, so they won’t do anything to get better at it.

If this sounds like you, it’s not too late to change the way you operate at the dog track. Get serious about only spending what you can afford to spend. Keep track on paper of how your methods work. Keep track of what you win and what you lose and be honest with yourself. Not only will you probably win more, you’ll sleep better at night too.