Houston woman uses art to raise money for mammograms

Chris Noble couldn’t stay retired long.

It was only six weeks into retirement when she starting working for one of Houston’s breast imaging centers, The Rose, as what she calls a “friend-raiser.”

But when Houston was required to quarantine earlier this year due to COVID-19, Noble’s ability to raise money for The Rose at public events became almost nonexistent.

That’s when she started painting.

“I started painting these pictures of women and as I started painting, I started adding bling and sparkles and that sort of stuff,” said Noble. “They turned out pretty fabulous.”

Noble began selling her paintings on social media for $250 each, or the cost of a mammogram, said Noble.

Her concept’s theme is Buy a Girl, Save a Girl and all the proceeds from the paintings go directly to The Rose to help aid its mission of helping patients receive breast cancer treatment.

As The Rose enters Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s hoping to serve as many patients as possible, insured or not. When patients with insurance pay to get a mammogram at The Rose, they also help pay for someone who is uninsured.

Noble hopes her art will be able to help patients as well, already raising enough money for 15 mammograms. Noble has painted over 150 pieces since May.

“So many women, so many families need help,” said Noble. “The Rose is needed more than ever before because so many women are not going to have health insurance.”

Noble owned her own IT company for 25 years before retiring in 2013. An extrovert at heart, her outgoing nature allowed her to continue working and volunteering as much as she could.

“I have been a patient for The Rose for many years, and I knew I wanted to do something related to women,” said Noble.

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