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The Share Insurance Estimator bases the computations for coverage on the rules in effect as of May 2013. If any subsequent statutory or regulatory changes occur, NCUA will update the calculator as quickly as possible. The release date for this version of the Share Insurance Estimator is January 2014.

Take it one credit union at a time. Enter all of your share accounts for that credit union, then go through all three steps. When your report for the first credit union is complete, start back here with your next credit union and so on, until you have a report for each credit union where you have share accounts.

Help information is available by clicking the “What’s This?”. Under Resources below, the “Help” link provides information on how to complete each of the steps by account type. Also available is a “Glossary” of terms, “Security” information, “Privacy” information, “Open Government” information, as well as “Other Information” on share insurance at

If there is an error with your selection, you will see a
. Click the red circled X to see the error message and how to correct your selection.

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