Mercedes-Benz Updates Long-Term Strategy

Mercedes-Benz leadership team today unveiled a new long-term strategy outlining the brand’s plan for the next decade. The plan emphasizes six strategic pillars.

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In terms of electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz says, “Our aim is to lead in electric drive,” adding that, “We will build the world’s most desirable electric cars.” Mercedes plans to do this through dedicated EV architectures for both large and compact/mid-size vehicles.

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However, when discussing the platforms in today’s presentation, Mercedes-Benz COO and head of R&D Markus Schäfer said, “We can fit an ICE engine in the front of the car if we need to, for as long as the market demands it,” demonstrating the brand’s hesitancy to overcommit to fully-electric vehicles. “This is a great economic equation,” Schäfer added.

Mercedes is targeting more than 50% of their vehicle production to be electrified by 2030, though they include plug-in hybrids in that total.

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Overall, improving profitability on their existing lineup and with their new models is a focus for Mercedes. As the industry goes through a period of transition, it may be difficult to manage to such a goal while also investing enough in new technology to compete with expanding offerings from Tesla and others.

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