Waze App Link Between Mobile Payments & Loyalty at the Pump

Now, using Google’s Waze app, you can also enjoy a payment option in its software that connects mobile payments and loyalty at the pump. To know more about Google’s Waze Fuel Payment system integrating with Exxon, Mobil and Shell gas stations, as well as know where you can get help with merchant account providers, read below.

Map App Waze for Mobile Payments & Loyalty at the Pump

Waze has introduced a new service, thanks to which U.S. drivers can connect the navigation platform with fuel partner apps to process contactless payments at Exxon, Mobil and Shell gas stations.

When drivers are at the mentioned locations, the Waze app will notify them of securely paying through the contactless payment app (the Exxon Mobil Rewards or the Shell apps). Then, they can get rewards via the corresponding loyalty programs through ExxonMobil for either Exxon, Mobil, or Shell. 

Thanks to such integration, drivers reduce time and contact with screens and pin pads at the pump, especially during today’s challenging times. 

Merchant Account Providers & Fuel Payments Integration

Google’s Waze Fuel Payments and rewards systems allow consumers to connect from the Waze app to fuel partner apps. What about the eCommerce payment processing services you’re using for your own business? 

In case you need help with the most reliable and cheapest merchant account providers, turn to a respectable merchant processor comparison specialist in the U.S. Make sure the comparison company provides the most trustworthy review of processors at the time of writing. What’s more, find out whether the processor pays special attention to fees, reviews, and integration requirements. 

According to Iris Hill, U.S. marketing technology manager at Shell, today’s climate can limit their customers’ interactions and touch points during their fueling experience. The integration with the Shell app guarantees safe, contactless, and rewarding payment processing experience.

Andrew Kandel, North America head of sales at Waze, notes that they’ve mainly focused on displaying the prompt before the payment process starts, but not until the user is at the gas station and at a complete stop. 

To sum up, Waze helps drivers find nearby gas stations. Now, thanks to the app, drivers can enjoy safe, contactless payments of fuel at participating gas stations, Exxon, Mobil, and Shell.

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