Millions lose out by not having insurance

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A further 13 percent admitted they didn’t bother to install online security believing they wouldn’t fall victim to a scam, only to find themselves clicking on something they shouldn’t. And more than one in 10 have also tried to save money by going without breakdown cover on their car, but ended up needing assistance at the roadside. But this attitude has led to people having to fork out an average of £50 each month to make up for unexpected mishaps.

The research, commissioned by Virgin Media, found that nearly half of those with an “it won’t happen to me” attitude have been left red-faced after failing to insure an expensive piece of jewellery they thought they’d never lose.

A Virgin Media spokesman, said: “People often think things won’t happen to them until it’s too late.

“It’s easy to think everything will be fine and then ending up in a tricky – and most likely expensive – situation.

“Insuring and securing devices saves time, money and distress.

“It’s worrying to see how many people are putting themselves at risk online by not protecting their devices.”

The study also found almost a tenth have got a virus on their laptop after not installing security software, while more than one in 20 have been left in trouble after clicking on a

malicious link with no security.

It also emerged a third of adults have put their personal information at risk online.

And nearly one in six know someone who has been tricked into sharing personal info or downloading a virus.

Despite this, research suggests less than half of Brits protect their mobiles or tablets.

Worryingly, 38 percent use the same password for multiple devices and 26 percent even share log in details with family and friends.

A third do not even have a password for their mobile phone while 32 percent don’t have their personal laptop protected with a code or PIN.

And when it comes to security such as anti-virus software, many don’t protect all of their devices, assuming that protecting their main device is enough.

Tablets are least likely to be secured, with more than 70 percent of people not using any security software to protect them.

And a third do not run any antivirus software on their full collection of devices at all.

In an age where people’s mobile phones hold the contents to their life, six in 10 revealed they don’t have any security software on theirs.

A third believe it’s too expensive to protect their devices, while others said it’s a confusing process (15 percent) and they have too many devices to secure (10 percent).

Almost two thirds of those polled, via OnePoll, felt it would be useful if they could protect all of theirs and their family’s devices at one time.

Virgin Media’s spokesman added: “Often people avoid taking out internet security because they’re worried about the cost, but device security can be easy and affordable.

“The fact people are spending up to £50 a month due to not having protection on their gadgets, devices and goods is leading to much bigger costs in the long run. By taking out initial device security they could save over £560 a year with us.

“Virgin Media Internet Security, offers that extra peace of mind and protection for just £3 per month – the same price as a coffee to keep all of your devices safe and secure.”

The most common things Britons have done due to their “it won’t happen to me” attitude:

1. Left washing on the line and it rained

2. Didn’t put sun-cream on and got sunburnt

3. Didn’t charge their phone before a long journey and then it ran out of battery

4. Didn’t take out mobile phone insurance and then dropped their phone

5. Didn’t put a case on their phone and dropped it, smashing the screen

6. Didn’t buy a carrier bag at the supermarket and then dropped all of their items

7. Didn’t take out white goods insurance and their washing machine broke

8. Been targeted by an online fraudster

9. Didn’t install security on a laptop and got a virus /malware

10. Didn’t wear safety goggles when doing DIY and got something in their eye

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