MyLifeWell, a New Personal Wellness Hub

Innovative Online Community Offers Customized Wellness Solutions to Fit Every Lifestyle Need

MyLifeWell announces today the launch of its new online platform designed to make wellness accessible and easy for all. Arriving at the perfect time in a year complete with anxiety from a global pandemic, rampant wildfires, and an uncertain Presidential election, MyLifeWell has a powerful mission to help improve personal and social wellbeing for clients all over the world.

Currently in a “soft launch” phase, MyLifeWell will launch in full in November. Once complete, the platform will be a one-stop shop and personal wellness hub that caters to each individual’s lifestyle needs with three pillars — Live Well, which will feature on-demand, live streamed and one-on-one private virtual wellness classes from the best instructors around the world, Travel Well, offering exclusive active and wellness trips and retreats to coveted wellness destinations like Ananda in the Himalayas and Canyon Ranch, and Shop Well, featuring a collection of high quality products to support a healthy lifestyle. Content and programming will surround nutrition, fitness, yoga, mindfulness, energy healing, stress management, financial management, anxiety, sleep and more.

MyLifeWell offers a variety of carefully curated wellness programs and products devised to help people thrive in their daily lives. Membership levels range from the free “Wellness Explorer” level to the more robust “Wellness Devotee” level, featuring enhanced content access. Supplementary services are also available, including Wellness Coaches to create personalized wellness journey plans and Wellness Travel Advisors to develop fully customized getaways.

MyLifeWell is the brainchild of Founder Gaurav Goomer. Originally from India, he witnessed the power of living a wellness-based lifestyle firsthand during his upbringing and lost this after coming to the U.S. and working in a high-profile role in the “always on” corporate world. No matter how much time he took off, Goomer wasn’t able to find balance and calm in his life and didn’t know where to go for help.

“I developed MyLifeWell to be a perfect solution for healthy living aficionados, families at home, or anyone interested in integrating wellness into every aspect of their lives,” says Founder Gaurav Goomer. “The platform fills a void, providing what I feel we all need: a comprehensive resource for people from all walks of life to explore, lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Now through October 31, 2020, consumers can take advantage of MyLifeWell’s pre-launch offer, subscribing now to get their first 30 days free. For more information about MyLifeWell, visit and follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

About MyLifeWell:

We Have A Simple Mission: to help improve personal and social wellbeing for clients all over the world. It’s not news to anyone that we live in an unwell world. With our “always on” culture, it seems easier to become overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, anger, and even depression than it does to find balance. We’re spending more time in front of our screens and less time with those that mean the most to us. We’re eating more, sleeping less and not getting out nearly as much as we should. Our goal is to bring wellness back into your daily life, to make it accessible and easy- not only so that you can feel happy and fulfilled, but so you can also share that happiness with everyone around you. We hope to do this by bringing you the best wellness program, product and travel options from around the world, so you can embark on the wellness journey that you rightly deserve.

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