On this personal journey of movement, all are encouraged to hop (or skip, or dance) on board

I DIDN’T REALIZE how personal writing my new book, “24 Ways to Move More,” would be.

When I came up with the idea to condense six years of Fit for Life columns into one year of movement for a book, it felt like a natural way to cap off a big chapter full of wild escapades climbing trees, laughing my head off during bubble soccer (don’t worry; that one isn’t in the book), and bumbling through dance classes and feeling so much joy.

Cover story: ‘24 Ways to Move More’ motivates you to build the habit of movement into everyday life.

But when I went back through more than 300 columns I wrote for this magazine to choose 24, two per month for one year, as I reflected on which ones were the most inspiring, the most extraordinary, the ones you would be stoked to try, I saw how much of myself I had poured into these pages.

You watched me begin as someone who didn’t feel as if she deserved the title of fitness columnist, who was a bundle of nerves every time I went to a new class. You watched me grow in confidence and willingness to try new things. You saw me step into a stronger, fitter version of myself.

Trying all those classes showed me how much my body needed movement and loved strength. I realized if I kept plugging away, there was no limit to how strong I could get.

For six years, I did just that.

Now, I am back to share with you the deeper layers of my movement journey in “24 Ways to Move More.” Rather than entertaining you with my adventures, I am here to ask you to join me, safely. Come with me on a journey to be a beginner again; to start moving again if you have stopped; to move more or differently than you have; to remember you can be creative in the ways you move, a reminder we all need in the midst of a pandemic.

Above all, I ask you to remember you don’t need to do anything hard or crazy to connect to your body or to have fun doing it. All you need to do is have a body, and move.  

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