Pahrump judge Lisa Chamlee resigns citing safety, personal issues

After being elected roughly four years ago, Pahrump Justice of the Peace Lisa Chamlee has resigned her position.

“It was a very difficult decision,” Chamlee told the Pahrump Valley Times. “I decided to resign for personal and safety reasons but I won’t expound any further on that.”

Prior to her being elected judge in 2018, Chamlee worked as a defense attorney and a solo practitioner in Nye County as well Clark County before moving to Pahrump.

“I have thoroughly loved pursuing a career in law and I do intend to continue practicing law in some capacity but I’m not quite sure exactly when,” she said. “At present, I don’t have any solid plans because I’m still exploring options and looking at opportunities that are out there but it will definitely be in the legal field. I do enjoy helping people.”

Chamlee spoke about her time as a public defender, representing individuals who were often perceived as guilty.

“My client is the only person that I am there to advocate for and our constitution states that it’s the prosecutor’s burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, in every element,” she said. “Until they have done that, I believe in our constitution, and every defendant is innocent until proven guilty, so it was my job to make sure that all of their constitutional rights and statutory rights are not being infringed upon. Determining guilt is not something I do when I represent a defendant. It’s about making sure that there is fairness, and the constitution is not violated.”

Additionally, Chamlee provided some advice for those pursuing a law career.

“You have to be very diligent because it is very challenging work, becoming a lawyer and going through law school as well as taking the bar exam, she advised. “It is all very difficult and it takes an incredible amount of preparation, so you really have to be dedicated. Once you make it there, I would advise to be kind and compassionate. It’s a great way to make a difference in the community as well as society.”

Prior to diving headlong into her law career, Chamlee, interestingly, performed music in several capacities over the years.

“I operated my firm from about April 2014, until I closed it before I took the bench in December of 2018, so I was on the bench for about four and a half years,” she recalled. “Prior to that, I had a career in music and entertainment. I didn’t really play a lot of instruments because vocals were my primary role in my music. I played in multiple bands that performed in Las Vegas. I was the front person for a lot of different groups and I wrote my own music as well.”

Regarding a replacement Chamlee said that the process is outlined in the Nevada Revised Statutes, which states there can be a special election, or the Nye County Board of Commissioners can make an appointment.

She thanked the community for its support during her campaign for Justice of the Peace.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working in this community as a justice court judge and I really loved working with all of the constituents of Pahrump,” she said. “I just want to thank everyone who believed in me and voted for me for Justice of the Peace. It was a very difficult decision to resign, but ultimately I really felt that I had to for personal reasons. I really did enjoy working here as a judge. I am not retiring. I just resigned my position as Justice of the Peace.”

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