Purchasing Insurance Internet Leads – Tips & Hints – Buy Rehashed Or Recycled Leads?

Buying quality internet insurance leads is not a simple purchasing process.  Just how reliable are the internet leads you plunk hard cash to receive? Learn hints and tips before purchasing these rehashed and recycled internet developed leads.

Any shrewd internet insurance lead company is going to maximize their profit potential without thinking about your pocketbook. Did you know that many of the internet lead companies are also licensed to sell insurance? Others sell the same lead numerous times, and others lie, saying they are providing so-called exclusive leads.

Often the going price for an internet generated life insurance lead is around $15.00. With great variance, some vendors might charge $6.00 and others charge $50.00 per lead. The internet lead costing $6.00 often generates more agent buying interest than the rest. Often cheapness prevails over quality. Countless agents leap forward in a raging fire, missing the prize. Doing that inflicts painful third degree financial burns.

A true qualified lead allows you to present your insurance product to a currently interested prospect that is medically and financially qualified. Do you think cheap internet leads match all of this description, or just part?

Be careful if you purchase a shared non-exclusive lead. These recycled leads are the lowest cost, and for good reason. If the internet lead firm says they will sell this same-shared $10.00 lead to six other agents, immediately double the number of agents.  With this style of purchased lead, you might close 10 percent. Now your lead in reality costs you $35.00 plus extra time and gas. Perhaps your normal closing rate is 35%, but not with these leads. With time considered, over $100.00 total would be the actual true cost of possibly making a sale.

An additional choice you have is the exclusive luxury lead. You are the only agent that will get this lead. That is true in part. Here is a tip that has dawned only on a tiny amount of internet lead buyers, and should save you hundreds. As I am not  in the business of selling internet leads to agents, this is a freebie tip.

Check closely to see if the internet lead company selling you the exclusive lead is also licensed to sell insurance. Examine their web site entirely, looking for a form where clients check off boxes for insurance information. If you cannot find the form, ask the internet firm where on the internet you can verify their source. If they are reputable, they will tell you. Check to see if the client has the opportunity to first buy a policy directly from them.

Are these insurance leads rehashed? Consider that another internet firm that sells insurance direct to consumers over the internet may have sold leads to the lead company you are exploring. This is a result of the first firm not convincing the client to buy. What closing ratio opportunity do you potentially have on an already worked exclusive lead?

Here is another valuable tip. Some internet insurance lead producing firms receive 90% or 100% of their lead responses from shotgun email blasting. Other times they purchase a responder list. This is a list of people that have at least once responded. The person’s response could be to any internet product offering or even a survey. Countless people just love to respond to just about anything and everything. These names can be mixed into the leads you buy. These factors stop them from truly being an exclusive qualified prospect for you.

So which vehicle is going to get you quality insurance leads with the best return on investment? Right off the bat, you must test and not commit to a long term buying commitment. Stay away from any firm offering free leads. Certainly, the post office is not willing to give you free stamps to test. Free lead offers are a gimmick of an internet lead company out to grab your attention. Personally, I would choose an internet lead company’s ad giving away free stamps. At least this way I know that I actually received something useful.

With insurance internet leads, the desired effect is increasing your closing ratio, and lowering wasted appointments and gas costs.

Another hint is to check the internet for Direct Mail insurance leads, where all the leads come back only to you. The initial cash outlay is higher. However if you plan to make a career of selling insurance, you will see that the return on investment is the true measure to evaluate results. Your appointment rate is higher, your sales ratio is pumped up, and the average sales amount will make you proud.

Rehashed, recycled, and unsuccessfully sold insurance prospects hold back your career from progressing. These are not true leads, just true grit. Good insurance internet leads do exist, but do your homework on how to obtain them first.