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You don’t need too much of an imagination to realize that having passive income is life changing. And in these uncertain times, I bet any income is comforting, let alone having money rolling in while you basically have to do nothing to earn it.

I’m lucky in that I built up a bit of passive income through the years, but if this crisis taught me anything, it’s that no investments are really truly passive. With large swathes of the economy on total lock down, a phenomenon that’s unthinkable just a couple months ago, it’s putting even once thought bulletproof passive income vehicles into jeopardy.

Take REITs for instance, which I sadly owned a few when the crisis hit. To say that those stocks as a group have been hammered is an understatement since many are still down more than 50% since March. And never mind whether they will be able to sustain their dividends, because there’s a real possibility that some of these companies’ stock prices are going to $0 because if the lock down extends for much longer, no tenant will be able to pay their rent while these REITs are still on the hook for their own fixed costs.
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retire earlyWe cannot change the cards we were dealt, but we can certainly increase our chances of success by changing how we play the hand.

Tweaking our outlook can dramatically improve our life. There’s no doubt about it. In fact, there are plenty of tricks we can employ to improve our finances by adjusting how we view the steps needed to achieve financial freedom. These are trying times, and it may not seem that way, but rosy days are ahead. This too shall pass. Here are a few ways to help you do what’s necessary by just changing how you look at each situation.
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The statistics are in. Freelancing is topping the charts as the country’s go-to source for work. In recent years, sites like Elance, oDesk, and Guru cornered the market with freelancers looking for paid work out there.

Don’t you want to make more money in these uncertain times? The fact that I could be at home making money sure sounds tempting these days.

Freelancing really is a fantastic way to make money in your spare time, if you have expertise that someone is looking for.

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I’m going insane!

Actually, that’s not completely true. My kids are driving my wife insane and she is driving me insane.

Okay that was a joke, too—sorry Emma, don’t kill me! In fact, my wife is so incredible with Jayden and Sara right now that I have a renewed sense of admiration for the love of my life.

I wouldn’t be able to write at all if it’s not for her sacrificing all her time to be with the kids. How does she do it?

Here are a few tips I gathered by observing.

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friend asks for a loan
It’s one of the most dreaded moments in a long term friendship. Your friend calls you up, tells you her sad tale of financial woe, and then asks “Is there any way I could borrow X dollars until Y date?”

No one likes being put on the spot like this — you feel like saying no will damage your relationship, but you know that money has a terrible habit of damaging relationships. So how do you handle such a request and still feel good about yourself and your friendship (and your own finances) afterwards?

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positive coronavirus

There’s so much doom and gloom nowadays, it can be difficult to see the light.

With everybody glued to their TVs watching the news cycle all day and worrying about their jobs, the health of people in our country, and our economy, it can be helpful to step back and look at some of the good news that’s happening all around us because of the coronavirus.

Here are a few I can think of right off the bat…

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