Dax Shepard revealed on his podcast “Armchair Expert” that he broke multiple bones in a recent motorcycle accident and will have to undergo surgery.


In a no-holds-barred conversation, Dax Shepard, who has been open about his sobriety, shared on his podcast that he recently relapsed. 

Shepard, 45, said on his “Armchair Expert” podcast Friday he wanted to be honest about his journey in order to help others who may be struggling with addiction.

In the episode, which was recorded Sept. 21, Shepard explained he had previously taken prescription pain pills due to injuries from riding his motorcycle. But “for the last eight weeks maybe” he’d been “on them all day.”

Shepard previously struggled with alcohol addiction and other drugs. In the podcast, he said he was still proud to have been sober from alcohol and cocaine for 16 years. 

Dax Shepard shares his struggles with sobriety. (Photo: