Two Michigan public works commissioners submit plans for new ways to handle sewage but only one gets the approval.


Jim Nash is proud as poop of his new $32-million maze of pipes and boilers on the outskirts of Pontiac.

“This is going to revolutionize how sewage is treated,” says Nash, the boss of Oakland County’s drains and sewers. 

Doesn’t excite you? Well, put on your COVID mask — it’ll cut down on odors we’ll encounter — and join a reporter and photographer as we tour a new way of handling everyone’s you-know-what.

“We’re the first place in Michigan to try it and only the third in the nation,” Nash says on the tour.

Oakland County Water Resource Commissioner Jim Nash, right, and Mike Daniels, plant manager, give a tour of the new Thermal Hydrolysis Processing facility (THP) in Pontiac. The plant transforms human waste into class A fertilizer.