LaJessica Joiner decided to make some major changes at the beginning of this year. She was going to go back to school and get a job, in the hopes of saving up enough money to buy a new home in the suburbs. Joiner just needed to get her credit score up.

Then the pandemic hit.

Joiner, 39, has fallen behind on her credit card and electricity bills.

“COVID-19 has made it so hard,” Joiner of Redford Township said. “I was trying to get back into work to make ends meet and whatnot, but I’m struggling.”

She reached out to United Way for financial help, and through them, is now working with Matrix Human Services, a Detroit-based social services organization that supports children, families and seniors, on financial and job counseling.

LaJessica Joiner, 39, of Redford Twp., is reentering the workforce after 10 years and is finding it hard to find