This $120 Digital Air Fryer is just $50, proving that money is just imaginary

Simultaneously a searing indictment of the supposed invisible hand of the market and capable of searing your tuna steaks, this digital air fryer – which normally runs $119.99 at Best Buy – has been reduced to a paltry $49.99. Naturally, an abrupt shift in price this large should cause you to question to the objective value of all currency, and whether capitalism is just a lie we tell ourselves to justify our avarice and materialism. Let’s discuss it over seared tuna steaks.

Air fryers are great for crisping your food quickly and without oil, creating flavors of salty crispness that humans evolved to crave over millions of years of surviving on diets where such flavors signaled then-scarce ingredients like salt and fat.

Our instinctive urge to amass wealth came from similar feelings of scarcity, and though these instincts propelled us to discover fire, invent early forms of government, and eventually the Xbox, what good are they now if we can’t even agree on the value of an air fryer? What objective truths even remain in a world where a cutting-edge appliance’s price can plummet by 58% without warning?

Because we live in an indifferent universe, no one knows how long this discount will last, but you should keep in mind air-fried Brussel sprouts are delicious.

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